IHT Family Allowances / Deductions

These allowances are determined by reference to four categories of legatee. The categories and allowances for 2012 onwards are as follows.

Group Relationship with the Deceased Euros
I Children, issue and adopted children of less than 21 years of age  :- Basic allowance of: 15’956.87
increased for every year the taxpayer is below the age of 21 by 3’990.72
Subject to a maximum of 47’858.59
II children or adopted children of 21 years or more,spouses,ascendants and adoptive parents 15’956.87
III collaterals of the second and third degree,Ascendants and descendants by affinity.This group includes brothers, nephews, uncles, parents‑in‑law, sons and daughters‑in‑law. 7.993.46
IV Persons who are more distantly related to the deceased and persons having no relationship at all with the deceased. Nil


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