Tax and Tax Planning

Spain is no longer even remotely akin to a tax haven. A harsh package of anti-avoidance measures has been introduced to eradicate tax evasion. Penalties are severe and Revenue staff are uncompromising. By UK standards, the taxation level is high and the exemptions and loopholes are few. Careful tax planning is a worthwhile investment.

If you are taking up permanent residence in Spain, we can advise on your potential liability to Spanish income, gains, wealth and inheritance tax. We will take account of any applicable double taxation conventions and work closely with your UK tax advisers so as to seek and find the most tax efficient way of arranging your affairs, before you become liable to Spanish tax on a world-wide basis.

We also advise on

  • Spanish income, gains, wealth and inheritance tax planning schemes for non residents.
  • property taxation for investors in Spain.
  • the implications under Spanish law of setting up a trust.
  • Spanish taxation of gifts and inheritances.
  • Spanish VAT, transfer and documentary tax.
  • withholding taxes and how to recover excess tax withheld.