Our Approach

By considering issues from the dual perspective of lawyers versed in both legal systems, any unusual or obscure Spanish legal concepts are identified from the outset.

We will explain how a transaction will be dealt with in Spain by comparing the process with a similar arrangement in a common law country, so that the differences between the two legal systems are understood and so that the advice we give is effective.

This highly specialised technique avoids the misunderstandings, sometimes of critical importance, which occur so often when a lawyer whose expertise is confined to a civil code legal system, attempts to communicate with a client who has no experience of that system and when the lawyer advising knows nothing of what the client would expect to happen, had a similar set of circumstances arisen in the client’s home jurisdiction.

By combining the skills of our bilingual teams with the detailed knowledge of our network of experts and counsel in Spain, we provide a seamless service for the English-speaking client requiring practical, prompt and effective assistance in Spain.