Wealth Tax


For residents the tax applies to worldwide wealth.

Net taxable wealth (NTW)  is taxable at rates of up to 2.5 per cent per annum.

To arrive at NTW  each taxpayer (whether resident or non resident) may  deduct EUR700,000.

Additionally each taxpayer may deduct up to EUR300,000 in respect of the habitual residence but only if resident. For example a resident married couple who jointly own their principal private residence worth more than EUR 600,000  would be allowed to deduct a total  of EUR 2,000,000.

The NTW is then subject to tax on the following scale:

Taxable Base Tax Due Excess Rate Applicable
Up to Euros Euros Up to Euros %
€0.00 €0.00 €167,129.00 0.20%
€167,129.00 €334.00 €167,123.00 0.30%
€334,253.00 €836.00 €334,247.00 0.50%
€668,500.00 €2,507.00 €668,500.00 0.90%
€1,337,000.00 €8,523.00 €1,337,000.00 1.30%
€2,673,999.00 €25,904.00 €2,673,999.00 1.70%
€5,347,998.00 €71,362.00 €5,347,998.00 2.10%
€10,695,996.00 €183,670.00 and above 2.50%

Non Residents:

Are only liable to tax on assets withinSpain. The scale is the same but understandably deduction of EUR300,000 in respect of the habitual residence does not apply to Non Residents


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